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oSoftware license
oUpdating Lensfun's database: lensfun‑update-data
oAdding mount adapters: lensfun‑add‑adapter
oConverting Adobe LCP files to Lensfun: lensfun‑convert‑lcp
oLens database
oDatabase file format
oDatabase format versions
oDescribing camera mounts: \<mount\>
oDeclaring cameras: \<camera\>
oDeclaring lenses: \<lens\>
oLens calibration data format
oHow database files are found and loaded
oHow the corrections work
oApplying perspective correction
oUsing this library in your programs
oLibrary architecture
oFilling the database
oAdding new cameras to the database
oAdding new lenses to the database
oSample code
oGNU General Public License, version 3
oGNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
\Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported